Annual Report

Leadership Message

2018 has been a year of transition at Child & Family Agency. In response to forces including Connecticut’s bleak budget, our nation’s tense political climate, and constantly evolving technology, CFA is in the midst of several years of intense growth and change. This has included an Endowment Campaign to build much needed financial reserves, service-delivery transformation to better leverage improved technology to create more efficient and effective client care, an increased focus on building a diverse workforce to engage and effectively care for all members of our diverse

communities, and an increased focus on effective marketing strategies to ensure that our community is aware of all the good work we are doing.
Against this backdrop of internal growth and change, Chief Executive Officer Rick Calvert announced in January that after 33 years of dedicated service to CFA he would be retiring in July. CFA’s Board of Directors and management team have partnered closely to ensure that all of the transformational work already in progress would continue, while the search for a new CEO was underway.

While navigating these simultaneous changes has made for a complex year, it has also created tremendous clarity about a core set of beliefs which links the staff, management, board, and auxiliary members of CFA. Despite the superficial differences in our lives, our means, and our values, we all recognize that the children we are currently raising hold the hope of healing the rifts in our country. As we near the end of 2018, we’d like to thank all of the staff and volunteers who worked together to help CFA grow and change this past year and everyone who continues to dedicate their time and energy to support the children and families of Southeastern CT.

We are hoping to select a new CEO before the end of 2018 and are looking forward to continuing our work together in 2019.

With Sincere Thanks,

Woody Comstock, Chair of the Board
Lisa Otto, MSW, LCSW, Interim Chief Executive Officer

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