Parent Project

For out-of-control adolescents

The Parent Project was created specifically for parents with difficult or out-of-control adolescents. Parents learn and practice specific prevention and intervention strategies for destructive behaviors. (Truancy, alcohol and other drug use, gangs, and other criminal behavior, running away, violence and suicide.)

Parents are self-referred or can be referred to Parent Project classes by officers in the field, juvenile detectives, diversion programs, court systems, mental health professionals, and school officials.

Providing parents proven methods:
  • Preventing (stopping) alcohol, drug, and tobacco use
  • Ending parent-child arguments FOREVER!
  • Improving grades & school attendance
  • Learning how to “out-will” a strong willed child!
What parents say

“We thought we had tried everything. We were wrong. This program works!”

“Only six weeks and very positive change in my family. Looking forward to the support group!”

“By the Grace of God I go, and with a little help from The Parent Project!”

An intensive home based program

Helping youth ages 9-18 who struggle with substance abuse, are at risk for substance abuse or who have other delinquent conduct, including disrespect, disobedience, aggressive behavior, or school problems.
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