School-Based Health Center Helps a Child Overcome Migraines

School-Based Health Center Helps a Child Overcome Migraines

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In September of senior year in high school my headaches began.  They were splitting headaches, the kind that make you double over and clench your jaw.  My vision would get blurry, I’d get sick to my stomach, and nothing but sleep made them subside.  So I’d sleep for days.  Unable or maybe unwilling to get out of bed, I’d miss school weeks at a time.  My absences were so bad I began failing classes.  I’d loved school, everything about it –seeing friends, learning new things, having conversations with the teachers.  But, once the headaches started, all of that seemed to disappear.

The principal became worried, so the school filed a report implicating my parents for educational neglect.  They were angry, which made the headaches worse.  I knew things needed to change, so I listened to what the grown-ups were saying and went to the School-Based Health Center (SBHC) at my school.  They examined me and referred me for medical tests, but the tests didn’t show anything wrong.

Things began getting better when I talked to the mental health clinician at SBHC.  I told him about family money problems that started after my dad lost his job.  My mom wasn’t able to work, because she had to take care of my grandfather, who had Alzheimer’s.  He was living in our house, and caring for him was becoming physically difficult.  My parents were running out of money, and I could sense their stress, which made me anxious.  I helped with my three younger siblings and my grandfather when I could, but it was never enough.

The counselor helped me realize that my headaches were caused by the anxiety I was experiencing.  He met with my parents and me together a few times, and we talked about sharing responsibilities.  They discussed adult issues privately, and together we figured out how I could make up my missing assignments and get back to attending school.

I feel like a new person now.  My headaches have gone away, and I’m back at school on a regular basis.  Things feel calmer in my house.  My parents are less stressed, and they handle more of their adult issues privately.  I brought my grades up and will be graduated in June!

I really believe that I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for the SBHC.

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