Our 2015 Annual Report

Our 2015 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

This, my first year as Child and Family Agency’s CEO, has been an incredible one, full of challenges and rich in blessings, all adding up to my conclusion that I am beyond fortunate and have the best job in Connecticut, working for our remarkable private non-profit. The challenges have mostly emanated from the unfriendly budgetary forces swirling around human services safety net providers, including CFA. The blessings have everything to do with the incredible individuals, talented, compassionate and “all in”, across a broad range of roles, that I and others on the agency team get to work with to address these challenges, never losing sight of the goal: to faithfully advance the agency’s mission of serving those children and families most in need.

It is not news to anyone that Connecticut’s economy continues to struggle, and that the impact is an ongoing decline in several areas of the State subsidy grant funding that is critical to most Child and Family Agency programs. Our staff and our clients are experiencing the major damage done by the State budget passed in June, most significantly including over a 10% reduction in funding to our School-Based Health Centers. 2015 was the year in which we, like many providers, faced the reality that one cannot do more with less year after year.

At the same time, due to talented staff and solid expertise in service types that are “trending”, we’ve been able to offset cuts in some programs with growth in others. While growth in our intensive in-home and community-based services this year does not soothe the client-level impact of lost medical and behavioral health service capacity in our SBHCs, such concurrent growth says much about CFA’s overall current and future viability.

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