Since 1972, Child and Family Agency of Southeastern CT has been at the forefront of social service development in southeastern CT.

We have worked to enrich the lives of local families and provide accessible, high-quality programming. We are dedicated to ensuring that all in our community – especially those who need us most – have greater access to quality programs and services that will enhance their lives, shape their futures, and give them a tangible measure of hope.

We accomplish this through our mission, vision, and values:

Our Mission: To provide mental health, medical, and supportive services in accessible ways to meet the evolving needs of our communities

Our Vision: Assure community health and well-being through innovative leadership and sustainable partnerships

Our Values:

  • Quality: Ensure excellence and best practices
  • Compassion: Provide a safe space to be heard, understood, and supported
  • Respect: Honor each person’s self worth and unique perspective
  • Integrity: Prioritize highest values and accountability
  • Inclusion: Foster a culture that reflects and embraces diverse communities
  • Transparency: Be open, honest, and trustworthy
  • Adaptability: Courageously evolve, renew, and improve

A Programmatic History of Child and Family Agency of Southeastern CT, Inc.

Establishment of Westbrook Community Bridge Clinic

CFA opened a medical clinic in Westbrook to provide expert primary care medical services to the surrounding community.

Introduction of Community-Based Counseling Services in Colchester

CFA implemented new, community-based mental health services in collaboration with the Town of Colchester’s Youth & Social Services Department. Services are open to children and youth in Colchester, ages 6-18, providing behavioral health access for 15 hours per week.

Westbrook Outpatient Clinic Ribbon Cutting
Westbrook Outpatient Clinic Ribbon Cutting

CFA opened a new behavioral health clinic in Westbrook, CT, to continue addressing the mental health crisis in Connecticut. Located at 4 Grove Beach Road North, Unit 2D, this Clinic replaced CFA’s Essex Outpatient clinic and offers vital clinical services provided by licensed clinical professionals. Services include screening and assessments, counseling, psychiatric services, addiction and substance use services, peer support, and more.

Introduction of New London Community Navigator

CFA placed a new community navigator at the Public Library of New London. This position works with library staff, patrons, and local community organizations offering weekly mental health resources to New London residents experiencing a crisis.

Introduction of Perinatal and Maternal Mental Health Services

CFA introduced perinatal and maternal mental health services available to women and couples in southern CT. A grant awarded by the Women and Girls Fund of the Community Foundation of Eastern CT allowed CFA to train clinicians in perinatal and maternal focused Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, an evidence-based practice. CFA is the first Agency in southern CT to provide these services.  

Groton Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic Renovation

CFA completed a renovation to the Agency’s Groton Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic. Spearheaded by Centerbrook Architects, the renovation has increased space to deliver a complete range of treatment options, improved accessibility for clients through a first-floor waiting room, a new dedicated space for group therapy, and first-floor therapeutic offices. In addition to the renovation work completed throughout the Outpatient Clinic, CFA’s Early Childhood Development Center, which shares building space with the Outpatient Clinic, also underwent…Read More

Community Bridge Clinic Established
Community Bridge Clinic Established

CFA established the Community Bridge Clinic, an outpatient clinic for southern CT residents. Licensed by the CT Department of Public Health, the Community Bridge Clinic provides holistic, integrated, and accessible health care. The Clinic is open to children, families, and single adults and can provide physicals, acute care visits, treatment for chronic conditions, mental health screens, and more.

Healthy Futures Established

In partnership with Middlesex Health and the Connecticut Community Doulas, CFA implemented a new program, Healthy Futures. Accessible to Middlesex County families, Healthy Futures provides in-home support utilizing the Parents as Teachers (PAT) curriculum. This new program, supported by a grant awarded by the CT Office of Early Childhood, increases CFA’s presence and services to Middlesex County.

BP Learned Mission Transferred to New London Public School District

CFA announced a new facet to their long-standing partnership with the City of New London, allowing the New London Public School District to offer their new educational and support services at BP Learned Mission. This collaboration signifies new opportunities for New London’s children and families and a new beginning for BP Learned Mission to continue serving as a safe space for New London’s children and youth for generations to come.

Enhanced Care Clinic at the Ocean Avenue LEARNing Academy

CFA established an Enhanced Care Clinic at the Ocean Avenue LEARNing Academy in New London, CT. The Academy supports students with developmental disabilities, emotional and behavioral challenges, or complex medical needs ranging from pre-kindergarten through age 21. Through the Clinic, CFA provides on-site behavioral health and psychotherapy support.