REVISED April 1, 2023

You have the right to express concerns with the Agency’s services and to request a change in those services. You also have the right to express concerns with the Agency’s financial policies, or with Agency procedures in general.


  1. You will receive a copy of this Agency grievance procedure, with explanation, at the start of services.
  2. You are expected to verbally express dissatisfaction directly to the staff member working with you and to clearly explain the nature of the dissatisfaction. A copy of this policy will be handed to you at that time, or arrangements will be made for its delivery within 5 working days of the initial verbal complaint.
  3. If you and the staff staff member are unable to resolve the issue(s) within the next scheduled and kept appointment, in which the staff member’s supervisor is in attendance, then you will be reminded that an appeal process does exist, as reflected in the copy of the policy and procedure already provided to you.
  4. From the date of the meeting with the staff member and the supervisor, you have 7 working days to detail in writing or on via voice recording to the Chief Executive Officer of the organization the nature of the compliant. The mailing address of the Chief Executive Officer is PO Box 120, 7 Vauxhall Street, New London, CT, 06320.
  5. The Chief Executive Officer will review the complaint and any other information related to the complaint and reach a decision regarding appropriate next steps. As part of their review, and to aid in their determination, the CEO may consult with subject matter experts, while protecting your rights to confidentiality, as well as review all CFA files/records as needed. The CEO may also meet with involved CFA employees as part of the review of the matter. Their decision shall be final. Notice of this decision will be sent to you by certified mail and to all other involved parties through interoffice mail. This decision will become part of your Agency record.
  6. From receipt of the written complaint to the convening of the review panel not more than 30 days shall pass. A written decision shall be rendered not more than 15 days from that meeting.
  7. At all stages in the above-described process, care will be taken to meet any special cognitive or psycho-emotional needs you may have, that you fully understand your rights and the available associated Agency processes. Every reasonable effort will also be made to arrange for the services of a translator to participate in the above processes if language is a barrier. Translated written materials will be provided whenever necessary.

At all stages in the above-described process, care will be taken to ensure that clients
with cognitive or psycho-emotional special needs fully understand their client rights and
the associated agency processes that are available to them.