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Health Questions

Does the client have asthma or had wheezing in the last 12 months?(Required)
Is the client allergic to eggs?(Required)
Has the client ever had Guillain-Barre syndrome?(Required)
Is there anyone in the client's household who has a poor immune system?(Required)
Has the client ever had a flu shot before?(Required)
*If the client is less than 9 years old and never had a flu vaccine, 2 doses are needed one month apart.
Has the client ever had a bad reaction to a flu shot?(Required)
VIS Acknowledgement
For Child & Family Medical Clinic Visits: I give permission for my insurance to be billed at time of visit. I understand that a sliding scale will be available for those without insurance. I authorize the release of any medical information necessary to process my claim. I also authorize payment of health benefits to Child & Family Agency of Southeastern CT, Inc. for services provided. I understand and acknowledge that I have read and understand this consent.
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