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Authorization for Health Information Exchange
Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information (PHI)
Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale – CAREGIVER 
Childcare Tax Information Request
Child First Authorization to Use and Disclose Health Information
Child First Consent to Photography and Video
Circle of Security Parenting Group Permission to Participate
Client Outcome Measures – Adolescent
Client Outcome Measures – Parent
Client Rights and Responsibilities
Columbia Teen (11 years old +) – to be completed by teen
Columbia Teen (11 years old +) – to be completed by parent
Drug Authorization and Consent
ECMH Classroom Support Opt Out Letter
Edinburgh Scale
FFT Family Self Report
Grievance Procedure
IICAPS Authorization for Release of PHI
MATCH Intake Packet 0-4 yr
MATCH Intake packet 5-6yr 
MATCH Intake packet 7+yr
Medical Service Request
Ohio scales : Parent
Ohio scales : Youth
Parental Stress Scale-Caregiver
PCL-5 Periodic-Discharge-Caregiver
Perinatal Anxiety Screen
Preschool Pediatric Symptom Checklist (PPSC)
Proxy Application Authorization for Adolescents
Psychiatric Developmental History
Release of Information and Assignment of Benefits for Insurance
Reunification and Therapeutic Family Time Plan
Review of Systems
Psychiatric Medication Management Responsibilities
Telehealth consent
Universal In-home Referral
In-Home Referral PDF
Updates and/or Discharge Packet
Video and Audio Recording Release
Youth Child PTSD Checklist Caregiver
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