Fall Newsletter 2015

Fall Newsletter 2015

This is the first edition of our new one page “Update” to be published three times a year –winter, spring and fall. We are also sending the “Update” via email to those whose email address we have on file. The printed and email “Update” contain article excerpts. Full articles and other news can be found on our new and tablet friendly website: www.childandfamilyagency.org . The “Update” email has direct links to the full articles on our website. If you would like to receive “Update” via email: info@childandfamilyagency.org.

State policy and budget affects social services for children: it impacts on what we can provide for our children in need.

It is not news to anyone that Connecticut’s economy continues to struggle, and that the impact is an ongoing decline in several areas of the State subsidy grant funding that is critical to most Child and Family Agency programs.
While our first-pass analysis indicates we’ve probably survived unscathed . . . this time . . ., we live, work and serve our clients in the Age of Rescissions, a period in which what one has in contracted budgets at the start of a fiscal year is most likely not the final budget.
So how do we survive and even thrive in the Age of Rescissions, ensuring Child and Family Agency’s ability to meet its mission in ever more effective and far-reaching ways? We actually have answers, some sobering, some energizing, and you can help! More……

School Based Health Centers: receives special recognition for all they provide, also watch a short film about SBHCs.

Child and Family Agency’s School Based Health Centers were the recipient of the 2015 Good Neighbor Award awarded by The Groton Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention (GASP) Coalition. The School Based Health Centers were chosen because of their commitment to identifying risk factors for adolescent substance abuse, screening for substance abuse and providing early intervention. The Good Neighbor Award was created in 2013 to recognize a leader in the Groton community whose actions promote improved health and prevention of adolescent substance abuse.
GASP Coalition Coordinator Carolyn Wilson explains, “GASP has selected Child and Family Agency School Based Health Centers to receive the Good Neighbor Award because we recognize that in-school services can play an important part in preventing substance abuse. Our in-school healthcare providers and clinicians at the ground level can help students before they develop a problem. More……

Learn all about Child & Family Agency’s School Based Health Centers with this short film:  http://bit.ly/1PSLUuW

Our six Auxiliaries help support our programs and services: a film tells how they do it.

CFA’s six Auxiliaries, based in shoreline towns from Mystic to Essex, hold about 20 fundraisers annually. The funds raised help make it possible for the Agency to give a little extra help to children in need in our area. Whether it’s backpacks for school, clothing, a bed or extra $$$$ so a child will not be denied child care, the Auxiliaries have for 60 years volunteered their time and talents to support CFA programs.
In a short film, several of our Auxiliary members give an overview of how the Auxiliaries work and what they do. To watch the 5 minute film, check out YouTube here: http://bit.ly/1RzHGXj

Our Annual Appeal:

Twenty years ago our auxiliary and board friends suggested that the board members reach out, through an annual appeal process, for they believed our community wanted to help the children we serve. Our appeal has become an important part of providing the extra funds needed for our programs and services, especially for those not fully funded by grants and client fees. Last year we were able to help over 18,000 children and their family members thanks to the generosity of friends like you.
To learn more about our Annual Appeal and how it enables us to go that extra step in helping our children and families in need, consider making a donation here.

Save the Date: Special Events

1. Lyme/Old Lyme Cookie Walk: Dec. 5th
Pick up some homemade holiday cookies at the 25th Annual Lyme/Old Lyme Auxiliary’s Cookie Walk on Saturday, December 5th in the Old Lyme Shopping Center from 10 AM to 1 PM.2. Groton Holiday Party: Dec. 6th
Pick up some homemade holiday cookies at the 25th Annual Lyme/Old Lyme Auxiliary’s Cookie Walk on Saturday, December 5th in the Old Lyme Shopping Center from 10 AM to 1 PM.3. Essex Holiday House Tour: Dec. 12th
Tour six festively decorated Essex homes at the 12th biannual Essex Holiday House Tour –all within walking distance of Essex Town Hall. $25 Tickets are available in advance: http://bit.ly/208QKIR and $30 the day of event at Essex Town Hall.