CFA May 12th Book Pick Auction

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CFA May 12th Book Pick Auction

May 12, 2014 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Monday, May 12th “pick” auction features a World War I collection of approximately 2,000 volumes. Included in this collection are 3 large WWI framed posters, the WWI British helmet of Mr Toop of Alton Hants #3702; a WWI military uniform, and a leather military knee length overcoat. In addition, there will be the usual diverse consignment of books on fiction, medicine, science, economics, and other subjects.

Of Interest: Plowden (1761, 2 Parts bound as 1). The Commentaries or Reports of Edmund Plowden; Jonson (1692). The Works of Ben Jonson Which were Formerly Printed in Two Volumes are now Reprinted in One; Churchill (1927, 2 Vols.). The World Crisis 1916 – 1918; Manning (1929, 2 Vols.). The Middle Parts of Fortune: Somme & Ancre 1916; Butler (1930, 2 Vols.). Mademoiselle from Armentieres; Pattullo (1939, Signed). Horrors of Moonlight; Westover (1929). Suicide Battalions; Gibbons (1916). The blackest page of modern history: Armenian events of 1915; Cummings (1944, limited). Anthropos: The future of art; Binyon (1914). The winnowing-fan: Poems on the great war; Aldington (1930, Signed). Roads to glory; Brophy (1928). The bitter end; Machen (1915, Signed). The Bowmen and Other Legends of the War; Blunden (1932). Fall in Ghosts; Shively (1920). Record of S. S. U. 585; Wooly Whale (1938). Willis Wishful Thinking; First Division Society (1922). History of the First Division During the World War; Bone (1917, 2 Vols.). The Western Front; Unruh (1928). Way of Sacrifice; Gilliland (1919, Signed). My German Prisoners. Campbell (1809). Gertrude of Wyoming a Pennsylvanian Tale.

We are accepting consignments for future “pick” book auctions. Call Tom at 1-860-908-8067 to discuss your books and visit our website: to learn more about CFA Book Auctions and be sure to read the webpages on “How to Sell Books.”




May 12, 2014
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm