Essex River Valley Newsletter January 2013

Essex River Valley Newsletter January 2013

Dear Members and Friends,

How do I begin to thank all of you for your sincere support over the last year or so? Friendship, hugs and laughter! God’s best medicine which you all dosed out with kindness and love. I am Blessed because of all of YOU!

My husband was a very powerful man and created many changes even before we arrived in Essex 14 years ago. One of his greatest challenges was trying to figure me out. Of course I never sat still long enough for that to happen. I met Lee, CEO of SCM, when I completed the renovations of the Smith Corona headquarters in New Canaan in 1986. It was at that time we discovered he knew my father, VP of American Airlines for the Hawaiian Is, and they jointly ran tennis tournaments in Maui. “Small world!” In 1992, our paths crossed again and this time Lee thought I should give up my world of design and furniture and be an international product manager for typewriters. I, of course, even then, said it was too “hi tech” for me and he then decided he had another place for me in his life and we were married in 1993. 20 years is a great bit of life to share. We found ourselves in a beautiful gated community in Florida where I was bored to death and I believe I walked the legs off my dog. A visit to Essex turned into the GREAT ESCAPE and Lee followed and we bought the Sweet P’s and the Coffee House. I had my crazy furniture business once again. Then along came Child and Family and with a thank you to Terry Smith I have found my “home.”

Life in the Essex area is a blessing for all of us! So many of us come from so many places with so many different chapters to share. Not all of life’s chapters are “sweet.” This Auxiliary and the Agency are my nesting place and I do know we are very safe with again the perfect amount of friendship, hugs, and laughter. We offer the hearts to share and the souls to receive the gifts offered by all.

So again, I thank all of you for your support! Here’s to my husband for his patience and his idea that while I might have been too old I needed to join the Junior League 20 years ago. I always reminded him it was his idea when he would question “another newsletter, another meeting, another fundraiser.” Yes my dear, that is exactly what we do. It’s about the children! And I am grateful for this chapter.

With love and deep gratitude to all.

A blessed New Year to all,

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