Child and Family Agency partners with the Department of Children and Families to provide the following child welfare programs:

IPV-FAIR (Intimate Partner Violence – Family Assessment INTERVENTION Response)

IPV-FAIR offers a comprehensive response to families impacted by Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). This model combines in-home and clinic-based services and offers brief, solution-focused intervention geared towards increased safety and reparative experiences for the child/caregiver relationship.

Fathers for Change is a program of IPV-FAIR designed for fathers who have young children under the age of 12 with a history of IPV. This is an individual treatment plan with the option to add a co-parent component, should the partner wish to participate and the clinician feels it is safe.

IFP (INTENSIVE Family Preservation)

IFP is an intensive in-home program designed to prevent the placement of children (0-17) who have experienced abuse or neglect. This program provides case management, crisis intervention, parenting education, advocacy, coordination with community service providers and community resources, and more. IFP is strength-based and assists parents in improving their parent-child relationship and attain self-sufficiency and stability.

RTFT (Reunification-Therapeutic Family Time)

RTFT uses the Visit Coaching Model to strengthen and build parenting skills. Staff help parents build the skills necessary to safely and effectively parent their children, who the Department of Children & Families has removed.

RTFT includes three parts, including the Readiness for Reunification Assessment, Supervised Visit Coaching, and Reunification Services.


In order to qualify for one of the above programs, the family must have an open case with the Department of Children and Families. There are no fees for services. Submit our universal referral form. Contact us at 860-437-4550 to speak with a ​client support specialist.

CFA’s Family Assessment Invention Response and Intensive Family Preservation services are available to all residents of New London, Windham, and Middlesex Counties. CFA’s Reunification-Therapeutic Family Time service is available to all residents of New London and Middlesex Counties.

No person shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination in the Agency’s programs or activities on the grounds of race, color, national origin, or disability. Inability to pay for healthcare or childcare services, or the use of Medicare, Medicaid, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to pay for healthcare services. Provision will be made to assist clients who are members of national origin minority groups with language differences. Additionally, provision will be made to assist clients who are hearing impaired or have other special needs.

Not sure our services are right for you?  Depending on your family’s circumstances, we may offer specific support services to parents/caregivers and siblings.  When you meet with us, we can explore this further with you.