CFA and Local Artists Inspire Creativity in the Child Guidance Clinics

CFA and Local Artists Inspire Creativity in the Child Guidance Clinics

*Photos reflect the spirit of CFA and are not of any individuals associated with these stories

Children and adolescents are natural artists and sensitive to the pictures and images all around them.   One look at our Child Guidance offices and you’ll see family portraits, coloring pages and toddler scribbles (hopefully on paper).  (Not long ago, a 4 year old girl who was in counseling through one of our Child Guidance clinics expressed great displeasure when last year’s calendar was replaced with a new one.  ‘It used to be so pretty in here.  I liked the flowers better!’).  Good art reflects universal human experiences; love, loss, playfulness, family.  It can inspire children’s creativity, help people feel less alone and challenge our imaginations.   Many of the families who come to our Child Guidance clinics do not have the time, resources or transportation to go to museums and galleries but they do spend time in our waiting rooms.

So with the help of some generous volunteers and even more generous artists, we have begun the ‘Art in the Waiting Rooms’ project.  Local artists will loan art that reflects the experiences of the families who come to our waiting rooms every day.   An artist’s work will be hung for two months with an open house offered to the community to visit our spaces and get to know the artists.

We’ll be encouraging children to respond to the art by noticing the feelings in the pictures or the feelings they evoke for them.  Everyone will be invited to notice colors, art styles, lines and shapes and to create their own work in response to the rotating art.

Starting next week, Elizabeth Jancewicz’s art will hang in our New London (75 Granite Street) and Groton (591 Poquonnock Road) offices.  Elizabeth creates colorful, emotive images of people and animals.  Her characters are strong , beautiful and unique just like the families we serve.   We can’t wait to have our families enter our waiting rooms next week and to see the art the kids and adolescents make in response to her work.  If you don’t already come to our Child Guidance offices, look for our invitation for the upcoming open house in October.

*At Child and Family Agency we respect everyone who comes to us for help – and many are working toward a fresh start in life. So while their stories are true, client names,  identifying details, and images may have been changed to protect their privacy. Thank you for understanding.