2018 National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month

2018 National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month

(Article below from School-Based Health Alliance)



Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies


Today marks the official start to our special month, dedicated to raising awareness about how school-based health centers revolutionize the way children and adolescents access health care services.

As you likely know, this year we’re tapping into a national conversation that’s front-of-mind for many Americans: the increasing need for mental health services for children and youth in the wake of our nation’s opioid crisis. We believe SBHCs are uniquely suited to provide care to the kids and teens whose lives are most affected by the opioid epidemic.

Throughout the month, along with school-based health care advocates from across the country, we’ll be highlighting the mental health needs of children and the role SBHCs play in bringing much-need capacity—especially in rural communities through innovations such as telehealth.

On February 28, the Alliance will host two Congressional briefings titled “Collateral Damage: Children’s Mental Health Needs Amidst the Opioid Epidemic.” We’ll need YOUR help to encourage Members of Congress to attend. More information about the briefing will be coming your way once we nail down some final logistics.

On social media, tag us @sbh4all and use the #SBHCmonth18 hashtag so we can share your stories. We also invite you to join us for our annual Twitter chat, “Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies: SBHCs and Child/Adolescent Health” at 2:00pm Eastern on Tuesday, February 20. Email Anna Burns (aburns@sbh4all.org) if you plan to participate and she can send you the chat questions in advance.

Whether you’re part of a state affiliate organization, and Alliance member, or a parent, teacher, or student who believes that every young person should have access to health care, YOU can help us make our 2018 Awareness Month the best one yet.

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