Planned Giving

Make a legacy gift

Even the smallest gift can have the biggest impact.

Many donors ask us if they can make a legacy gift and how to do so. Even a small amount can have a big impact over time. You can leave money to your family and to your favorite charity. Some people think they must choose between leaving a gift to their family or their favorite charity. You can do both, and some charitable gifts may actually save your family money by decreasing inheritance taxes.

Who Can Give?

Whether you think of yourself as rich or poor, or somewhere in between, your gift can make a difference. Anyone can leave their legacy! Even small bequests can make a significant difference in the lives of others to follow. By leaving a planned gift to a charitable organization like Child & Family Agency in your will, you will be helping to improve peoples lives in the future.

Other Ways to Give a Planned Gift:

Other forms of planned gifts are:

publicly- traded securities,
gift annuities
charitable remainder trusts
life insurance
retirement assets (IRAs)
closely held stock
real estate and personal property

When Should I Contact CFA About My Gift or Plan?

For more information, please contact the Development Office

Once you have decided to benefit CFA is the best time to be in touch. That way, you can explore discretely with the development staff options for the purpose of your gift.


To discuss your legacy with Child And Family Agency, please call Matt Vangieri at 860-443-2896 ext 1403.