Come see The Balloon Man and more at East Lyme Touch A Truck!

Come see The Balloon Man and more at East Lyme Touch A Truck!

in Just-spring

 when the world is mud-luscious

 the little balloonman

whistles          far          and wee

(E.E. Cummings)


Gary Dossett, the Balloon Man, will again be delighting children at E.L. Touch a Truck, on Saturday, May 19, 2018, at McCook Point Park from 9a.m. to 2 p.m.  Mr. Dossett first became interested in learning this art over 30 years ago.  One day in his local Mall, he spied a book on making Balloon Animals.  Since he had just become a step-father, he thought this would be a fun way to engage with his step-children.  To his delight, he found that he had a real aptitude for this art.  In his first half hour of practice, he was able to master twelve different animals!

As his interest evolved, be began to explore all of the books on this subject, then branching out to videos on line and eventually attending a convention of Balloon makers, called “Twist and Shout”.

Gary first began publicly showcasing his talent at parties for children at the Electric Boat Management Association.  Now, after many decades, his popularity has spread by word of mouth to events like Touch a Truck and other venues for children.  Over these decades, he has mastered 1200 different designs, 150 of which are his own creation.

Gary said that when parents tell their children not to ask for any animal too unusual, he always replies, “Ask for anything.  We will see if I can make it.”  He explained that he hopes to demonstrate to the children that they should always strive to stretch the boundaries of their abilities.

Now that he has retired after 43 years as a supervisor of Radiological Control at Electric Boat, he anticipates performing at many more venues because , “I get a kick out of seeing the kids’ faces and making them happy.”

The suggested Donation to Touch a Truck is $4 per person.  Children under age two are admitted free of charge.  Proceeds benefit the work of Child and Family Agency of Southeastern CT as it annually meets the needs of over eighteen thousand children and their families in our communities.

Additional information can be found on the Agency’s website,; Facebook- touch a Truck East Lyme, CT; or by calling Child and Family-860-443-2896, ext. 1406.

Don’t miss the Balloon Man!