Working to make
the lives of children better

Child and Family Agency's mission is to promote the well-being and development of all children and their families, in particular to give priority to the unmet needs of children lacking physical, emotional and intellectual care and nurturing.

  • Testimonials

    • For me, it’s about being around a group so dedicated and passionate about children and sharing their talents to do so. - Maggie, Groton Auxiliary
    • When I’m in class and I feel feels like a home—a home that does not have fighting but instead love. - Maryanne, Age 14
    • Many people struggle to get their arms around all the different things Child & Family does.... make no mistake, they are all tied together by one common theme: helping children and their families. - Lillian Erb
    • I love it here. I even wake up early on vacation days so I can get here on time. - BP fourth grader
    • son had a reputation for having bad behavior, but since he’s been here and you guys gave him a chance his behavior has improved so much! - BP parent
    • I will not move out of New London until my children are too old for BP. I’m not losing my spot in this program. - BP parent
    • Is the Mission open on Thanksgiving? ‘Cause I’d like to eat my Thanksgiving dinner here. - BP first grader

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